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A must read for anyone who wants to make a name for themselvesToday everyone is a public figure, make sure you are controlling how the world sees you!There is not a powerful tool to draw people to want to work with you or buy your products than positioning yourself as an Authority in the marketplace In the Authority Marketing Manual, The Marketing and Media Monsters reveal how they and other successful entrepreneurs and business owners leverage their Authority to drive sales, generate leads and generally fill their pipeline by being a thought leader in their industryInside the book you will discover How to craft your persona easily so that you don't get stuck on the first stepdifferent ways that you can market your Authority, including both online and offline The best models for establishing credibility Why you should do each of the marketing techniques so you don't wind up wasting your time building something you hate Rock solid techniques that work right now much of what we hear in the marketplace today is all wrong˃˃˃ WowYou are both so awesome and helpful thanks!! I so appreciate your ability to mesh practicality, tell it like it is, market effectively and make it all work together, it seems magical Rae Ann DThe Authority Marketing Manual shows you exactly how to pick the best marketing solutions for YOU to use With all the options out there, figuring out which way to turn can be overwhelming In any given week you might hear abouthot new marketing ideas, but which are worth the time and money to implement?These are current, uptodate marketing ideas that anyone can start implementing immediately˃˃˃ You are fabulous speakers You spoke to me at exactly the right time We have rebranded and renamed ourselves and are feeling better already Totally enjoyable and fun, thanks Lisa LWhether you are considering becoming an author, growing a speaking career, stepping out as coach or just want to know how to grow professionally in your industry, this book will give you the confidence and tools you need to take over any area you want With loads of examples, this is a power packed guide to your fabulous life

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    A great book full of helpful tips to help you with any marketing you may need! Highly recommended!