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If you're an entrepreneur coming from the software industry, just skip this book This book wasn't made for you, it was made for nonsoftware developers needing to hire software developers I learned this the long way. Would you like to get your own software product built and launched? Find out what's involved, increase your knowhow and decrease the risks, with this software survival guide for nontechnical people!Learn the things you need to know, and do launch your startup and succeed as a technical entrepreneur, broken down stepbystep Discover how to: • Avoid the pitfalls and perils of software development • Avoid wasting time and money, and making rookie mistakes when starting your tech business • Interview and hire a software developer • Manage the software development process like a pro! This book will benefit you if: • You’re considering different ways to start, or grow a business and you’d like to know how to get a commercial software product built from scratch • You want to know how to get a mobile app built and launched in the Google Play or Apple App Stores • You want to create a web application such as a SaaS, Software as a Service product to serve customers online • You’re a tech entrepreneur looking for tools and methods to help you manage your software projects efficiently, with less issues, less delays, less risk and less waste! Use the tips, tools, links, checklists, scripts and templates packed into this fulllength handbook for creating software, which will take you from your initial idea, right through to the launch of your software, and beyond Some of the topics covered include market research, product development and prototyping, user testing, tech fundamentals, product pricing and revenue generation, managing your developers and understanding how to improve productivity, basic sales and marketing, product testing, management, launching your product and taking care of your customers after you launch and ! When starting a new business there can be a lot to considerFor your convenience, this book covers a wide range of topics so you can start off by reading this one book to give you a grounding in what you need to know, and do, rather than loading up with a bus load of books on different subjects! The Introduction provided at the start of the book will help you get your bearings and explains the key topics covered in each chapter and what you can expect as you progress through the book It will also explain how to access your free resources Don't go it aloneand don't hire a software developer until you read this book! Are you ready? Here's to your success! The only problem with this book is that it didn’t come sooner As an entrepreneur who went through this process blind, I can tell you that this book is a must have for any business in this day and age This book would have prevented me from several mistakes that cost $$$ I like that Kay tells you how to vet a designer (and other positions) if you decide to hire someone to do work for you It really takes the guess work out of it, so you can get it done right I recommend that you read this book from cover to cover—an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Concise and basic Just about what anyone needs if new to this field It istargeted to the builder /entrepreneur than technical roles I enjoyed it and found it valuable overall. The best book in this subject A very good book for nontechnical entrepreneurs setting up / running softwarerelated ventures. It gives a complete overall picture of devops for someone who is never in the software industry , but goes through some important points. A must for any nontech to avoid any pitfalls and mistakes and gain confidence to lead and manage with experts. A Comprehensive Goto GuideLooking for the answers to all of your software development questions, in one place? From market research, to business plans, to customer service, this book covers a lotthan just software! Written by a person who obviously knows how to guide you from just an idea, to a finished product Many of the ideas are transferable to any online business A worthwhile resource book packed with links and sources. The book is great for nontechnical and a checklist for the technicals It shows the big picture for most of the IT products and it walks through each step of the product.