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Lets Say Youre An Independent, Self Sufficient Woman Who Runs The Family Company And You Find Yourself Falling For Your Little Brothers Best Friend Now, Than Ever, You Need To Count All The Reasons Why You Need To Abandon FallingAbandon Falling Hes A Womanizer Hasnt Had A Serious Relationship A Day In His Life And Changes Women Often Than He Changes His SheetsAbandon Falling Hes Never Serious He Cracks One Liners, Mostly At Your ExpenseAbandon Falling When Things Go Wrong, He Seems Unfazed And Always Remains In Control Its So AnnoyingAbandon Falling He Has Tattoos Lots Of Them Everywhere Not To Mention, He Owns A Tattoo Parlor Damn It Why Doesnt That Sound Like A Bad Thing Any Abandon Falling Theres A Growing List Of How Different You Two Are You Cant Get Along For Fifteen Minutesa Lifetime Together Would Land One Of You In PrisonKeep Repeating Those Reasons And Drown Yourself In Work Pretend You Dont Notice His Good Qualities Or How Enticing He Looks Without A Shirt, And Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Agree To Live With The Man While Your Place Is Being Repaired From Flood DamageTrust Me, Even The Strongest Of Us Can Only Forego Temptation For So Long

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  1. judyannlovesbooks judyannlovesbooks says:

    Savannah and Liam sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G Just damn, these two exude so much chemistry you could bottle that sh t and sell it Savannah is in complete and total denial Having taken on her family s lumber business and responsibility for her siblings at a very young age, she lost sight of herself and began to live in survival mode Liam, five years her junior and her brother s best friend, see s her and the sad state her life is in, infatuated with her since he was a teenager he wants nothing than to make her her smile again Never have I ever loved seeing two people fight with one another the way these two do Their arguments and confrontations are foreplay for the main event and man does it make for hot sexy times As always, this book is filled with Bailey sibling goodness with a side of kooky Grandma Dori Add this book and all the other books in this series to your TBR list now I read an ARC copy of this book and voluntarily left an honest review.

  2. BooksCoffeeAndPassion BooksCoffeeAndPassion says:

    Falling For My Brother s Best Friend is the fourth book in The Baileys series and it s the first book I ve read in this series, it can definitely be read as a standalone even though I m regretting not reading the first three books because I ve fallen in love with the Baileys siblings Savannah and Liam s story is VERY bumpy but also very funny I don t know why but I was expecting a different story after reading the synopsis, I wasn t expecting an enemies to lovers story, sort of mixed with friends to lovers, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.Liam is Savannah s younger brothers, Rome and Denver, best friend, he s 5 years younger than her and he has a huge crush on her since he was a teen Thing is Savannah is unattainable and completely out of his league or so he thinks Savannah had to take on huge responsibilities when she was only 19, she never regretted it but somehow she lost herself in a sea of never ending calls and fires to put out, she s an amazing business woman, a great sister and yet she struggles with her fears and her own identity.I loved the banter in this book, not just between Liam and Sav but also between the siblings There were moments when Liam and Sav s behavior annoyed me, yet I still found most of their bickering funny There were moments that got me a little worried because sometimes it almost felt like they were bringing the worst in each other, which turned out not to be the case thankfully I laughed a lot with some scenes, especially every time Sav s grandmother showed up, but there was also a lot of emotion in the second part of this book The Baileys siblings suffered a heavy loss when Sav was 19 and I really loved how the story between Liam and Savannah also showed us how that loss impacted their lives and changed their personalities I also loved Liam and Sav s chemistry, even though at the beginning they were also behaving like small children, their chemistry was off the charts and there were so many feelings Sav s tattoo story is one of my favorite moments, it s beautifully written and it s so emotional that I found myself hurting along with Savannah and Liam, in addition it s a perfect example of even though Sav wasn t ready for Liam at that time, she did trust him with something that meant so much to her and we got to see how he was so in sync with what Sav needed and wanted I was completely engaged in this book and I wanted from the epilogue which felt a little rushed Anyway, it was a very enjoyable, emotional, witty book that had me captivated I ll try to read books in this series because I loved so many characters in this story, therefore I definitely recommend this book.

  3. Erica C Erica C says:

    Falling For My Brother s Best Friend is in the top 5 of my most anticipated reads of 2019, and it did not disappoint Like most readers who ve read the first 3.5 books in the Baileys Series, I have wanted to know about the relationship between Liam Kelly and Savannah Bailey Are they friends Lovers Enemies It was obvious that Liam harbored some serious feelings for his best friends older sister, but Savannah s feelings were a mystery FFMBBF picks up right after Operation Bailey Wedding From the previous books, we know that Liam and Savannah have a tendency to clash.Savannah has been wound so tight for so long that she no longer knows how to let go and enjoy life Taking on the role of mom to 7 of her younger siblings when she was 19 caused her to lose a piece herself As she watches her siblings marry, have children, and pursue their dreams, and she takes on added responsibility, she becomes of a shell of her former self.Liam is the opposite of Savannah He is laid back, relaxed, and everyone adores him He only ever seems to lose his cool around Savannah, the woman he has harbored feelings for for most of his life, regardless of their 5 year age difference He pushes all of her buttons because he sees the real Savannahthe good and the bad He also knows that the old Savannah is still inside hershe just needs a little bit of coaxing to come back out And he is definitely up for the challenge.As these two get thrown together by circumstance, necessity, and a matchmaking grandma, years worth of tension finally reaches a breaking point And what a breaking point it is Oh, my heart This was one bumpy, emotional, funny, and exciting ride Liam and Savannah are my favorite of the couples to date I love the way they balance each other out, and how they manage to bring out the very best in each other There is also a lot to be said for the lengths Liam goes to in order to help Savannah find herself Savannah hasn t been the easiest Bailey to like, but seeing her through Liam s eyes It makes it pretty easy to love her.I really enjoy how with each new book in the series, we learn a little bit about this family No matter their differences or issues, they are always there for one another They way they protect each other and look out for one another is both admirable and enviable That Grandma Dori is a force to be reckoned with, and I can t wait to see what she has in store for her remaining unattached grandchildren The only thing I missed in this onenot enough Buzzwheel

  4. Samantha Bruner Samantha Bruner says:

    This was the book I ve been waiting all year for Piper Rayne continues the Bailey family s story with Savannah Bailey in their new contemporary romance Taking place where the previous installment left off, we see the aftermath of Savannah and Liam s wedding love connection Determined to move past it, Savannah refuses to acknowledge that anything happened, however Liam has other plans.Que my swoon.I absolutely love, love, LOVED this novel so much so that I binged it as soon as it hit my kindle and didn t stop reading until I hit the acknowledgements Savannah is a character that I related so much to throughout the series, and getting a chance to see the life of the family and their dynamic through her eyes just made that connection and relatability that much stronger As for Liam I swear these romance authors are making me fall and in love with men that are inked Smart, funny, and determined as ever to get the girl he has loved for most of his life to finally realize her feelings for him Liam had me fanning myself and smiling like I was told I won a years supply of burritos from my favorite Mexican food truck.I absolutely loved how the author duo made both Liam and Savannah so real and intricately complex without compromising their signature comedic elements and lighthearted tonality Deep, rich, romantic, and fun, Falling for My Brother s Best Friend is an 11 star read that I can t recommend enough If you love contemporary romantic comedies with a flare of nosy towns, cock blocking grandmothers, and a panty dropping hero with a dash of independent women this book is seriously for you