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Ownership of intellectual property is paramount in today’s technologydriven markets and leaving your business unprotected can be perilous—and expensive In a monumental verdict, a jury recently awarded Apple $ billion dollars in damages, determining that Samsung copied the technology used on the iPhone and iPad Christian Louboutin did not make out as well in its case against Yves St Laurent Despite having applied for a trademark for their branddefining redsoled shoes, the court found that Louboutin could not impede the creativity of other designers and granted Yves St Laurent the right to copy the wellknown fashion statement From smart phones to high heels, song lyrics to SpiderMan, possessing copyrights, patents and trademarks is the first line of selfdefense, as well as highly lucrative In INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Money and Power in a New Era Thomson Reuters, Septemberattorney Alexandre Montagu explores the pitfalls of being caught unaware of Intellectual Property law Montagu’s clients include Fortunecompanies and his practice encompasses a broad variety of industries such as culinary, financial services, entertainment, publishing, and cosmetics “Whether it’s the trade secrets of a hedge fund’s algorithms, the copyrights or patents underlying the smart phone, the trademarks that protect wellknown brands, intellectual property bastes the modern economy,” he says Through fascinating anecdotes and compelling court cases, Montagu brings home just how important legal literacy can be for your business—think how different social media would be if the Winklevoss brothers had a written agreement with Mark ZuckerburgINTELLECTUAL PROPERTY fascinates with cases pulled from the evening news Montagu provides inside access to The Da Vinci Code lawsuit when an author sued publisher Random House for stealing his previously published plot for the bestselling novel Montagu explains why the case was dismissed, even though there are blatant similarities between the two books Compelling stories and legal insight make this book essential for songwriters, CEOs, Web designers, inventors, restaurateurs, and anyone who’s ever signed a legal document without reading all of the fine print Perfect for the layman