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This book is the Ultimate Guide to sales and marketing successBy walking through this process, you will be able to target the perfect customer who will buy and buyWith the advent of the internet and all the sales and marketing channels available, it is becoming increasing clear that the old school, spray and pray style of sales is no longer a viable option There is no one way to reach everyone like when the big three TV stations dominated the airwaves or when the Yellow Pages were the only game in town for local businessesToday's sales and marketing professional has to know, without a doubt, who they are selling to and the best ways to reach that customerWe have spent the last four years perfecting the Perfect Customer ProfileTM worksheet which walks you through figuring out WHO your perfect customer is, why they buy and how to find buying triggers that will get them to open their wallets This book is the culmination of all that researchWho is This Book For? Service professionals in industries like Financial, Insurance, Legal, and Medical Corporate sales people in the fields of Technology, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Supplies, Manufacturing Real estate professionals like Realtors, agents, mortgage brokers and bankers Entrepreneurs and small business owners, inside sales and direct sales people Marketing professionals who understand that selling is a big component of their industry˃˃˃ What It Will Help WithKnowing who your perfect customer is will help with building products that will move them down your sales funnel smoothly, reduce customer acquisition cost and time, and save you money on advertising Never again spend a dime putting your message in front of prospect who can't hear what you are saying!One of the major benefits of knowing your customer is eliminating marketing on places they will not see your message and targeting the best marketing venues Find out exactly which social sites you should be active on to meet your perfect customersIncluded in the book is a link to download the Perfect Customer ProfileTM worksheet This vital sales tool will give an unfair advantage over your competition!

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