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Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? Or are you running your own business and wondering how to grow it to the next level? Most startups fail for these key reasons: You started your business without a clear sense of purposePoor ManagementLack of understanding the customer David Hilton will pull you out of the details and enable you to see the business from a higher perspectivea perspective that shows you where you are in the journey of your building your company You will find that the challenges you have are just that: challenges, not insurmountable problems You will:Understand your personal driving force to be successful, so that you are creating what is right for youKnow and understand your ideal customer, such that you become the “go to person” for target marketLearn how to build and manage your highperformance team In this fastpaced allegorical nonfiction, our hero is about to learn all the lessons of business the hard way so that you do not have to His story is a combination of a fastpaced novel with compelling, impactful and eminently executable business lessons Join Jack’s journey and take your business from struggle to success, where you’ll find time, money and, importantly, freedom

11 thoughts on “Spark

  1. Louiseza Louiseza says:

    Much of the information presented was not new. However, I loved the approach and method. Following Jack’s (the story’s fictitious entrepreneur) journey, reshaped my perspective on the things that I had done/not done in my own business. A great read for any aspiring entrepreneur or the established business owner looking towards the next phase or just needing a recharge.