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Chase Tyler has been the object of Marcie Johns’s desire since grade school But when it came time to settle down, the handsome, laconic cowboy chose another woman to be his bride Life was good for Chase until things took an abrupt and tragic turn Ravaged by grief, Chase has become a lost and embittered soul, a man without purpose, compassion, or hope Then fate intercedes, reuniting Chase and Marcie, who was an unwitting player in Chase’s unfathomable family tragedy Guilt weighs heavily on Marcie, but she’s also convinced that only the strength of her love can pull Chase back from the abyss She’s willing to risk everything on a daring plan to rescue his business, save his life, and bring them together at last

10 thoughts on “Texas! Chase

  1. Mo Mo says:

    I really enjoyed this one. Much more than the first one in the series. It's not really on a par with her later books, her Suspense books but still a good read. Chase, yes, a tortured hero - who doesn't love one of those.


    Chase did something then that he hadn't done in bed with a woman for two years. He smiled

    “He lifted his gaze to the framed photograph of Tanya and him taken on their wedding day. God, she had been lovely. Her smile had come through her eyes straight from her heart. He had known unequivocally that she loved him. He believed to this day that she had died knowing that he loved her. How could she not know? He had dedicated his life to never letting her doubt it.”

    Looking forward to Sage's story. And to see about Laurie and Pat.

  2. Didi Didi says:

    Ok, I am LOVING Sandra Brown old school!!!! This was another huge winner for me, huge. It happens to feature one of my most favorite tropes, unrequited love. Am I sick for loving that? Maybe ;) but it's so good, so angsty and so heart wrenching reading about someone desperately in love with another who doesn't quite SEE them. I feel the torture of seeing that someone they love being with another, I feel the empathy that accompanies the hurt and pain that comes from rejection. It all may sound weird, but it's a beautiful pain that always ends with love and redemption.

    I'm going to go as far as saying that so far, I'm loving SB's old school more than her more recent RS. I recently read Slow Heat in Heaven by her and absolutely fell in love with it. This was along that vein. Marcie loved Chase for so long she became used to receding into the background. Even when she wanted his love she accepted that she may never get it, but all she wanted was the potential for it, a morsel of affection. Knowing that broke my heart but also made me love her more. She was independent and strong but completely at Chase's mercy. I'm so glad Chase finally acknowledged what he was so afraid of. Doing so gave him the courage to love Marcie wholeheartedly and forgive himself. But damn, he said some vicious things to her! I was so pissed off at him for being such an asshole at times. But he did rectify all that so I forgive him.

    Loved this and loved the whole Tyler family, especially the funny banter between Chase and Lucky. Thank you Mo for this fantastic rec!!!

  3. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    One of Sandra Brown's best book way back when she still writes pure romance. This book has all elements of being a true romance book; unrequited love, family drama, and the hero falling for the heroine in spite of himself. I loved it!!

    I've read this book way back in college and I remembered being so moved by it. I picked it up again yesterday and re-read it and it brought back the same emotions.

    Chase Tyler never got over the loss of his wife. After years after her demise, he felt as lost as ever. A chance encounter during a rodeo show brought Marcie Johns and Chase together. They shared a past, a very important one. Marcie happens to the other person inside the car which took Chase's wife, and the one woman who has loved him since kindergarten.

    It took a failing family business to finally bring Marcie and Chase together in a marriage of convenience. Chase was still painfully in love with his wife and has no plans on replacing her in his heart. Marcie on the other hand was already there. In spite of still being hung up on his dead wife, Chase can't help but fall for Marcie. She was beautiful, successful, sexy and oh so, available. It wasn't long before Chase finally surrendered and just let his feelings for Marcie grow. But just when you thought they'll finally have their HEA, a stunning revelation came between Marcie and Chase.

    I really can't say anything more without giving away the whole story. But let me assure you that this book will make you feel all kinds of emotions; happiness, sadness, anger, et cetera. A true classic that needs to be revisited now and then. Loved it!!

  4. Tina Tina says:

    This book is plain creepy. The heroine is a psycho. Seriously. lol.

    She's been in love with the hero since they were in kindergarten and pretty much stalked him her whole life. Meanwhile, the hero barely knew she was alive.

    His wife ends up dieing and she goes behind his back to buy his wife's dream house, lives there, and plans to somehow get the hero to marry her., to finally notice her. Really, this book should be categorized as a thriller lol.

    She spends her time, either groveling, pining, getting walked all over by the hero, or stalking him..... What a disturbing book.

  5. ♥Sharon♥ ♥Sharon♥ says:


    The love continues! I really enjoyed this one. I mean I have enjoyed just about every one of the Sandra Brown books I have read but this one was a little different. Do I a dare say it had more romance and less suspense?

    The book starts out with a Prologue that broke my heart. Chase Tyler has lost just about everything that he treasured in his life. He experienced a sense of pain that would change his life. For two years Chase detaches from his family and all that is Tyler Drilling. He is living a life at the bottom of a bottle and at the hands of meaningless romps with women.


    But sharing in his pain was Marcie Johns. Chase and Marcie share a past. They had been friends through school but were never “that” kind of friend. She was there the day Chase’s life fell apart. She shared his agony. Marcie needed to see Chase happy again and would do just about anything to have this happen.


    When Marcie sees an opportunity to make amends of sorts she doesn’t waste any time. Tyler Drilling is suffering financially and Marcie can help. But as much as her proposition can offer the business relief it means risking her heart to someone who has nothing to offer her.


    When Chase and Marcie make the decision to save Tyler Drilling both of their lives change in ways they didn’t expect. As they share a home and a relationship that becomes physical and emotional neither of them are able to process the feelings they are experiencing. There are some pretty sexy moments between these two. Many of them spent out front of the fire.


    There is also something unsettling going on with Marcie. But as her new life starts to fall apart around her she doesn’t want to give in to the threat. As long as it doesn’t go too far she could handle things herself.


    I definitely enjoyed this one. Marcie was a great heroine. She was strong, beautiful and independent. I loved that her and Chase had a bit of a past.


    And I loved that Chase was a sexy, burly, damaged hero. He resisted his happiness at every turn. Until…..


  6. MBR MBR says:

    I just read this for the 3rd time and LOVED it!

    This book is Sandra Brown at her best.

    The Texas! series features the Tyler family. The first book focuses on Lucky, the second book being this one and third book is the story of their younger sister Sage Tyler. All three books provide unforgettable romance with searing passion. I read this book quite sometime back and remembered it to be my favorite. I always tend to love a romance which has a previous history linking the hero and heroine in some manner whether it be romantic or otherwise.

    Marcie Jones nicknamed Goosey for being nerdy during the years of high school which she shared with Chase and had a major crush on him, is now a successful real estate agent having amassed quite a fortune with her work. She meets Tanya, Chase’s beloved wife, when they seek to buy a house for themselves before their baby comes along. On the way back from viewing the house Marcie was sure would make a lovely home for Tanya and Chase, a senseless accident kills the pregnant Tanya and leaves Marcie with serious but not life threatening injuries. Chase’s world is shattered when in a day’s time he loses his beloved wife and their child who had not even had the chance to breathe into this world.

    Two years later, Marcie encounters Chase at a rodeo where he nearly gets himself killed on the arena. Marcie stays with him during his brief time at the hospital and finally brings Chase back home since the accident. Whilst Chase has been away immersing himself in alcohol and whoring, their family business Tyler Drilling had gone under and things look really bad for them until Marcie proposes that Chase marry her in order for her to help bail out their business. The idea seems ridiculous to Chase at first but soon he makes up his mind to go along with the marriage even though Chase’s family doesn’t feel too comfortable about the decision.

    Marcie has her work cut out for her in a marriage where she has to fight with Chase every step of the way to gain his trust, affection and love. Chase determined not to betray the memory of his loving wife doesn’t want to acknowledge the intense feelings that Marcie is able to invoke in him and this ultimate battle of wills proves to be a scorching read. Loved every minute of the sexual tension between the two characters hot enough to scorch the memory chips of my laptop.

    Loved every bit of the novel. Highly recommended to anyone who loves a good dose of romance packed with a brooding hero who I guarantee you would make your hearts go aflutter.

  7. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    A book that should be placed in the same shelf as Stephen King's Misery. As another reviewer said, this book was creepy. The heroine has been in love with the hero since kindengarden (that's around 6 years old?). 30 years later she is still in love with him, even though he never showed any interest other than friendship for her; what's more he fell in love and married someone else. Still Marcie didn't get over him. However two years after his pregnant wife was killed in an accident, she proposes to him marriage in exchange for the money he needs to save his family business. As it turns out, Marcie has bought the house Chase and his first wife planned on buying. Based also on her admission, she has furnished it in the style she thought Chase liked, as she always believed they would end up together living in this great house. All those years, she has learned Chase's favorite drink, food, decorating style, music: EVERYTHING. And she, has believed for 30 years, that she is the right woman for him and that God owes it to her to bring them together; even when he married someone else. If that's not the definition of a stalker, I don't know what it is. This book does not belong in the romance department; rather in the psychological thrillers.

  8. Anita Anita says:

    3 1/2-Stars I wasn't in love with this one, even though the romance had a solid suspense/mystery plot. The whole book was a slog through angst, martyr and I can't love you, the love of my life died land. It was hard to feel warm fuzzes about tither of the main characters. The rating is totally due to the great writing of Sandra Brown. She knows how to move a trite plot along so it isn't too painful.

    Marcie Johns’s has been in unrequited love with Chase Tyler since childhood. He barely even knew the quiet nerd existed and Marcie was to self-conscious to try and make him notice her. So, Marcie went on to have a successful real estate career and Chase fell in love, married someone else and lived Happily Ever After. No - that isn't what happened. The love of Chase's life and his unborn child died, in an auto accident with Marcie as the driver, leaving Chase broken and devastated.

    When fate crosses their paths, Marcie sees it as a chance to help Chase and in someway assuage the guilt she feels for the tragedy. She finds a way to rescue Chase and the family business, but can Chase ever let go of the love he has for his dead wife.

  9. Nefise Nefise says:

    3.5 stars...

    It was better than I expected. Most importantly, it capturead my attention and it kept me in the story till the end.

    I liked heroine and loved to read her unyeilding love evidence and her effort trying to make hero (Chase) happy. Hero was little bit cruel, though I should give credit for his honesty and his struggle being gentle about it. Yet, it was not enoguh. I would love to see his grovel and his love for heroine more. However, I like authoer writing style, from characterization to story developmentç

    I think, I misjudged Ms Boıwn's talent. This is my second book of her and liked a lot. I think, I started reading her books with wrong one.
    I'll definetly check it out her other books.

  10. Lauren Lauren says:

    This book was like a retelling of Fatal Attraction where Glenn Close succeeds in killing Michael Douglas' wife and then they go on to live happily ever after in their psychologically messed up world.
    And to quote one of the more apt lines from Sex and the City: The dead wife factor: It doesn't matter how much of a bitch she was alive, now that she is dead, YOU'RE the bitch that can't live up to her. Amen