[Free ePUB] The It Handbook for Business Author William C. Couie – Bilb-weil.de

Over spending on IT Support? Businesses pay huge amounts of money for technical support A large portion of these expenditures can be greatly reduced, and even eliminated, by simply educating the businessperson on IT support procedures The IT Handbook for Business was written to give you an inside look at the practices of the Information Technology support industry Filled with an enormous amount of moneysaving information and techniques, this book is a musthave for the business owner, manager, and professional You will learn techniques that will raise your information technology IQ on subjects, such as: How to interview an IT firm What a quote and invoice should look like How to spot scams and unfair billing practices Save time, increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance productivity Written by an IT professional with thanyears experience, The IT Handbook for Business will be your desktop companion for years to come You will not find this information anywhere else!