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4.5 starsA car crash, on a rainy night, leaves three survivors, a baby boy, a man who is badly injured, and Kendall Deaton Kendall has secrets and she knows if these secrets are revealed to the wrong people, her life won t be worth living.This is a book where you cannot really say too much about the storyline without giving something away Another solid read from Ms Brown Yes, I will be checking out of her books STORM BEFORE SUNSET MARK MY WORDS Her priority is her child She had a seemingly perfect marriage but one night stumbled upon a scene so terrifying that she knows she has to escape but the forces that want to stop her revealing her story are strong and powerful.She plans to escape but even the best laid plans go wrong Instead of just her and her baby she has to take John, the injured man with her The cleavage between her breasts was shadowed and mysterious He wanted to explore that entrancing valley He imagined nuzzling there, and the fantasy caused a surge of sexual desire so strong that he involuntarily groaned As with the previous Brown books that I have read, the sex is practically non existent it is implied and that is good enough for me.She would do anything to protect her son Kevin, exhausted from crying had fallen asleep on the swell of her breast His virtually translucent eyelids were closed, although a glistening tear still clung to his eyelashes His lips were bowed and slightly parted REMEMBER ME And as for some of the racism and bigotry portrayed in this book it was dreadful I know the times are a changing and all that but I sure as hell hope they have definitely changed in most parts of the civilized world. Kendall Deaton pulls herself and her baby out of a wrecked car, and a mixture of courage and fear gets her to the top of a ravine, where she flags down help But she doesn t dare reveal her true identity or that of her amnesiac passenger to the authorities Instead, she plans her immediate escape Her perilous flight begins.The best public defender in Prosper, South Carolina, Kendall had stumbled upon the town s chilling secret and her marriage to one of the town s most powerful men became a living hell Her only hope for survival is to flee Now Kendall is a terrified mother trying to save her child s lifea reluctant witness who knows too much about an insidious eviland a woman who knows too little about her own heart. Another fantastic read I guess you could say I am on a little bit of a Sandra Brown kick right now But I have to say her books are so freaking good I ve even started another one Where do I begin The Witness is told between the present and the past It is story about a women name Kendall Deaton On a rainy night there is an awful car crash The survivors are Kendall, her baby boy and an injured man John Falling under a web of lies and secrets, Kendall tells yet another lie to keep herself and her son safe There isn t anything she wouldn t do to protect him Hoping this lie will buy her a chance to get away for good she does what she has to do But will her plan work You see When Kendall made an offhanded decision to take a job as a Public Defender in Prosper, South Carolina she had no idea the kind of life she would have She just wanted to do good by helping people and serving her community After settling in, marrying and delving into her work, unsettling things begin to happen Then one night Kendall witnesses something horrific On the run Kendall does whatever it takes to keep her son Kevin safe and herself alive What she witnessed the people of Prosper, people close to her, committing was beyond repulsive She needs to tell someone, she needs to report what has happened but quickly finds out she doesn t know who she can trust While on the run she seeks safety in an old family farmhouse that she and her grandmother would go to during the summer It is the only place that she doesn t think anyone knows of, except her best friend Ricki Sue As John heals from his injuries and Kendall cares for Kevin, an attraction between Kendall and John begins John has his own internal battle and secrets too Things between them slowly begin to change Not knowing whether their feelings are part of the lies or reality a line is crossed Call it need or greed.things get steamy When Kendall senses things are closing in on her again, she needs to make a decision She needs to keep her son safe To what extent would you go to, to keep your child safe This was another thrilling book, another highly recommended read On a personal note I do have to say some of the things that take place in this book were simply cruel and disgusting I had to remind myself that this book was published 19 years ago. 5 STARS image error Rese a completa que tener en cuenta que aunque es una novela publicada por un sello rom ntico, yo no la considerar a como tal.Es un thriller o una novela de suspense, o una novela polic aca, como lo quer is llamar, pero no creo que estemos ante una novela rom ntica ya que el romance tiene un peso muy secundario.Y como tal me ha gustado bastante ya que me ha tenido perdida casi la primera parte de la novela Entonces es la propia autora la que comienza a develar peque as inc gnitas, y eso me gusta No ser yo la que destapa la trama.Cierto que la trama de fondo se ve venir, pero siendo una novela emplazada en el sur profundo americano, no hay que tener mucha imaginaci n para saber por d nde ir n los tiros En mi opini n, la autora juega muy bien con la informaci n que muestra y la que se guarda para ir desvel ndola paulativamente Los personajes est n bien definidos El ritmo sigue una l nea cont nua ascendente, empezando la novela de forma pausada, en donde te pone en antecedentes y te presenta a los caracteres principales y va acelerando junto de forma paralela a la historia Consigue atrapar 4.5 Suspenseful Stars WOW This story had lots of long hidden town secrets and plenty of lies Kendall is the new Public Defender just married into a prominent family, Matt is the town s Newpaper owner and Editor, he seems to be the perfect catch, in the beginning of their married life together the only thing Kendall had to worry about was her intrusive and invasive father in law Gibb and the hold he seems to have over Matt.Soon enough she stumbles literally over something so horrific it s sends her fleeing for her life and that of her unborn child A year later she is found, she s wanted by the FBI, and on the run with her infant son and John a man with amnesia, she is counting on John to keep her and her child safe even though he seems to have an aversion to children Eventually John and Kendall form a bond and John finds himself falling for not only Kendall but her infant son as well John definitely doesn t trust her with very good reason and when he regains his memory he keeps the information to himself since he s the Marshall who is honor bound and sworn to return Kandall to the FBI There are many truly vile vicious characters, storylines, twist, turns, lies, and horrifically aghast moments to keep you on the edge of your seat Another fantastic Sandra Brown read Heavy suspense, loathsome characters, light romance, and an ending that had secrets to reveal What would you be willing to do to protect your child s life Kendall and her baby are fugitives running from the bad guys Late one evening Kendall accidentally stumbles upon an execution scene and is discovered She becomes the next on the Brotherhoods list to execute While on the run Kendall creates a false life and kidnaps a man in her attempt to escape the Brotherhood The Brotherhood has vast resources and is determined to find her and preform their own justice on her THE WITNESS was published 19 years ago and is my first book by Ms Brown It was a thrilling adventure with lots of suspense and plot twists The book flowed from present to past scenes nicely.Standalone 3.5 STARS Un libro propiamente dicho de intriga, suspenso o crimen policiaco con su buena dosis de amor era justo lo que buscaba.Y fue exactamente lo que encontr Si bien la historia engancha tremendamente, hubo momentos que me hicieron confundirme demasiado sobre la l nea temporal.Es un libro muy viejito y por lo tanto es dif cil conseguir una versi n digital si por los a os de su publicaci n podr a decirse que casi ni exist an As que mi edici n dista mucho de ser la perfecta Lo que me ha enfadado un poco y por momentos La historia parec a quedar un poco estancada No sab a qui n era el narrador, ni en que tiempo estaban o en que lugar Esto solo logr que me aburriera y me hiciera pasar hojitas para que digo que no s, s En fin, pasando eso por alto despu s de que le agarre la onda al estilo narrativo y comenc a ubicarme en diversas l neas temporales el libro solamente fue a m s.Me dorm a las 3 de la ma ana Con eso lo digo todo Porque en serio, no hay otra cosa m s sagrada para mi que el sue o, bueno, y la comida Hahaha La autora narra c mo una mujer perseguida lucha por su vida al grado de mentir sobre un paciente amn sico diciendo que este es su marido Es claramente esta oportunidad el pistolazo de entrada perfecto para que se desarrollen una serie de inconvenientes que se ir n volviendo cada vez m s dif ciles de resolver y que har n que Kendall tema por su vida mientras enga a a su marido y comienzan una relaci n.Hay intriga, matanzas, asesinatos, dramas policiacos y tipos s rdidos y totalmente locos Si bien es una trama predecible la autora sabe dar pistas poco a poco que permiten al lector completar el cuadro solo hasta cuando ella quiera Al menos eso sucedi conmigo y esa dosis de suspenso y drama me mantuvo en vilo.Lo que no me gust nada fue el final No s si es mi edici n dado lo que les comentaba arriba, o que pas pero al final me cortaron la historia as , nomas por nomas.Me qued como y ya Que m s sigue Que pas Mmmmm, no se estoy rogando que sea problema con mi edici n porque no me gust.En fin, le m s de 500 p ginas en un santiam n, no sent nada el tiempo enganchada que estuve as que es totalmente una recomendaci n para mi. UPDATE Feb 24 Did I say this wasn t as awful as I remembered I misspoke Every point is delivered via sledgehammer, in case we readers are slow on the uptake Hillbillies not quite loathsome enough Throw in a mention of view spoiler child rape, and make the child a relative Murders not murdery enough Make one of the murders a crucifixion With castration Oh, and as long as there s going to be castration, make the victim nevermind hide spoiler I absolutely loved this book There are a lot of issues in it that I know will or have offended people The reality is that these issues are real life.unfortunately There was so many twists and turns and some just straight up She never ceases to amaze me with her books The one thing I didn t see coming was the end twistnever ever expected it This makes for great writing