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From USA Today Bestselling Author Rochelle B Weinstein Comes A Moving Novel Of Hearts Lost And Found, And Of One Woman Torn Between Two Love Stories When Charlotte And Philip Meet, The Pair Form A Deep And Instant Connection Soon They Re Settled In The Florida Keys With Plans To Marry But Just As They Should Be Getting Closer, Charlotte Feels Philip Slipping AwaySecond Guessing Their Love Is Something Charlotte Never Imagined, But With Philip S Excessive Absences, She Finds Herself Yearning For When She Meets Ben, She Ignores The Pull, But The Supportive Single Dad Is There For Her In Ways She Never Knew She Desired Soon Charlotte Finds Herself Torn Between The Love She Thought She Wanted And The One She Knows She NeedsAs A Hurricane Passes Through Islamorada, Stunning Revelations Challenge Charlotte S Loyalties And Upend Her Life Forced To Reexamine The Choices She S Made, And Has Yet To Make, Charlotte Embarks On An Emotional Journey Of Friendship, Love, And Sacrifice Knowing That Forgiveness Is A Gift, And The Best Laid Plans Can Change In A Heartbeat This Is Not How It Ends Is A Tender, Moving Story Of Heartbreak And Healing That Asks The Question Which Takes Courage Holding On Or Letting Go Emotionally driven, love story love triangle with a compelling and realistic storyline and well drawn characters, together with a steamy Florida setting Gorgeous Brit Philip falls for Charlotte It s a fairy tale relationship except the prince is always traveling They get engaged and despite their love for each other, she begins to think about a future with someone who is always gone Then Charlotte meets Ben and saves his son s life after an allergic reaction They have a strong connection which leaves Charlotte feeling guilty And so begins an epic roller coaster of a story This book just tossed me all around and left me in a puddle I was completely drained after finishing it Which is probably why the publisher sent a branded pack of tissues Favorite parts The day the three of them went on the boat The letter at the end Her dog Sunny I was pleased with the ending and shed so many tears, but it felt a little hurried, after the first three quarters of slow buildup Certain details felt contrived and a bit predictable but overall it was an entertaining and tremendously moving story, with a writing style similar to Colleen Hoover Themes of grief, abandonment, romance, love, infidelity, shame, remorse all make this a solid read I will definitely read by this author. NO SPOILERS only a few teasers.This is the fifth book I ve read by Rochelle B Weinstein Her books contemporary poignant heartfelt speak to us None of her books are overly depressive or overly fluffy She writes smart emotionally thought provoking novels that challenge us to look at our relationships with ruthless honesty displaying an innate understanding of human emotions.Her characters are so s hard to let them go This Is Not How It Ends begins July 2018, Present Day Islamorada, Florida The very beginning Chapter 1 opens with an expert worth reading than once..allowing us to ponder deliberate choices we ve made in life and those we haven t I ve heard it said that life is about choices Paths stretch out ahead of us sometimes, we make conscious decisions and other times, fate intervenes and chooses for us Had I known my life was about to take a sharp turn in those early hours of morning, I might have walked Sunny in a different direction What follows is a gripping opening scene when Charlotte Myers sees a young boy named Jimmy, about 9 years old his dad, Ben s back was turned shopping for groceries Jimmy appeared to be gasping clutching his neck then fell to the ground Charlotte, a complete stranger at the time, shared a life death moment with Jimmy and Ben Hearst Chapter 2 May 2016, Back Then ,..takes us on a fun flirty flight on United Airlines, Miami Florida, to Kansas City, Missouri , Fight 517, when Charlotte Myers, 30 years of age, and Philip Stafford, 40 years of age, meet in row 13 seats C and DThe dialogue was playful and fascinating between Charlotte and Philip.and we begin to know them both Philip British wealthy handsome looks like the men on Game of Thrones with dangerous sexy eyes , arrogant, cocky, and acted entitled at first , when he lost his first class seating due to a plane change but soon redeemed himself by buying the entire flight of passengers drinks to make up for his prior shameless rude behavior He was also definitely interested flirting with Charlotte Charlotte taught High School Honors English..Kansas City girl..was flying back home after attending a seminar in Miami She was watching a remake of the movie Endless Love Her students were reading the book Charlotte tells Philip that one of her students brilliantly exposed the theory of wanting what you can t have There was an allure to meeting someone on a plane, sharing a brief moment in time, knowing your paths may never cross again..Ha.but the intriguing conversation that Philip and Charlotte shared about Forbidden fruit , their love talk about a happily ever after hypothesis was too good that we knew this couple would meet again We also know all the above characters will intertwine Charlotte, Philip, Ben, sometimes called Goose , Jimmy, and Sunny, Charlottes Dog There are other wonderful minor characters, too.the type of minor characters who contribute major wisdom Mom, Momism s , dad, life lessons , Liberty, a committed friend who s dedicated to supporting health and wellness OTHER MINOR characters include environmental elements sweltering hot humid days in The Keys the homes with names in Islamorada a love shack a Hurricane Hurricane Kelsie Brett playing music by favorite artists James Taylor, The Eagles, and Don Henley Delicious foods, natural beauty and styles,.Serious topics are explored pancreatic cancer, severe allergies, abandonment, along with the big themes love, loss, dying death, friendships, boundaries, morality, choices we make or not, hurt, regret, betrayal, fears, sadness, risks, mistakes we make, courage, assumptions, our vulnerability, our worthiness, forgiveness, and healing This is Not How it Ends , weaves a heartfelt exploration of love and the choices we make told in alternating timelines Present Day, and back then as examples in Chapter 1 and 2.SO MUCH TO ENJOY in this packed filled novel..every sentence is an experience..dealing with issues of the heart But the 3 dominate characters 2 strong successful men and 1 passionate exceptional woman.plucks the raw nerves of love and the forbidden with rewarding psychological depth..with storytelling skill Radiant and pristine.a book to read, absorbed, and discuss Highly recommended Thank you Netgalley, Lake Union Publishing, and Rochelle B Weinstein I love love love her novels the author is a gem of a human being, too.which certainly shows up in writing A powerful excerpt Loss didn t discriminate, it was a game of chance Like Love And sometimes even love lead to isolation Loneliness, by definition, is a solitary experience, but I learned painfully fast how loneliness travels through skin and body and binds you to those with similar hurt. This Is Not How It Ends is not a book I would normally read, but I decided to get out of my comfort zone and WOW, this was just way too emotional for me in a good way.Rochelle B Weinstein wrote a beautiful, emotionally charged, and highly addictive story I fell in love with all the characters and I found them very relatable I felt with them and their stories made me re think many things in my own personal life The story was written in beautiful prose and I found myself re reading few of the passages to fully grasp the depth of the words I have just read Even though the plot was predictable, I could not stop reading this novel I read this book in 24 hours, and I criedoh how I cried I am looking forward to reading books from this author, however now I will be emotionally prepared for each one of them before I dive into reading or at least I will try to prepare myself for the emotional roller coaster.Thank you NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing, and the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. A beautiful and emotional story of friendship, love, loss and forgiveness.SUMMARYCharlotte and Phillip are accidental seatmates on a flight from Miami to Kansas City By the end of the flight sparks are flying Together they moved to the Florida Keys with plans to marry But just as they should be planning their wedding Charlotte feels as if Phillip is slipping away Philip s constant traveling and excessive absences has her wondering if this is really what she wants in a relationship When Charlotte meets Ben, Phillip s, best friend a close friendship naturally develops She tries to ignore the pull between the two of them but a hurricane drives them together and challenges both of their their loyalties REVIEWTHIS IS NOT HOW IT ENDS is a beautiful and emotional story of friendship, love, loss and forgiveness It s women fiction with great and highly relatable characters You ll fall in love with them allCharlotte, Phillip, Ben, Billy and even Sunny The storylines are creatively intertwined Author ROCHELLE WEINSTEIN s writing is brilliantly plotted and full of emotional storms It s a gem of a novel you don t want to miss The very beginning of the story grabs you with this lyrical statement from Charlotte I ve heard it said that life is about choices Paths stretch out ahead of us sometimes we make conscious decisions and other times, fate intervenes and choose for us I loved this statement when I read it in the first chapter And then I fell in love with it again at the end of the book It s is the epitome of the book Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Publisher Lake UnionPublished January 1, 2020Review