Audible اردو کی آخری کتابAuthor Ibn e Insha –

ابن انشاء کو مت پڑھورنہ تیرا بیڑا پار نہ ہوگااور ہم سے کوئی نتائج کا ذمہ دار نہ ہوگا

10 thoughts on “اردو کی آخری کتاب

  1. Wahab Ahmad Khan Wahab Ahmad Khan says:

    When it comes to humor and wit, no one can live up to the standard set by Ibn e Insha. He is one of the prolific writers of Urdu language, and he is one of those writers whose writings endured through time. Urdu ki Aakhri Kitab (the last book of urdu) comprises of stories, poems and proses and covers area from nature, geography, history, science, mathematics etc. These stories, poems and proses display the unparalleled wisdom and wit of Ibn e Insha shrouded in a healthy criticism. I was not able to curb my laughters. The stories of Alexender and Khizer, Mahmud Ghaznavi and Firdosi, and union is strength are the best part of my experience reading this timelessly classic book.

  2. Muhammad Ahmed Siddiqui Muhammad Ahmed Siddiqui says:

    IBN E INSHA Sir, you are one of a kind

    I enjoyed this book immensely. This book is like a fresh wind and makes a refreshing impact on you. This book discusses various topics like politics, education, history with a touch of magical humour from Ibn e Insha. This book showed me once again how delicious and entertaining Urdu can be.

    I took out one star because some of the things I wasn't able to understand due to my lack of vocabulary. Need more URDU-ISH-ness in my life I guess.

    Highly recommended for Urdu prose lovers.

  3. Adnan Adnan says:

    There is simply no parallel. Not even close. His humour is so spontaneous, his insight so deep. Laugh and cry, all the way.

  4. W W says:

    It made me laugh and smile here and there,but can't say it made me a fan of Ibn e Insha.His overall writing style did not appeal to me.I like his poetry much more than his prose.

  5. Rabia Baloch Rabia Baloch says:

    When it comes to Humor and satire no one can beat Ibn e Insha. Really enjoyed reading this book i felt like i was reading a text book of my school time. With some great information, poetry, funny stories and much more.Even if i'll read it again and again i know i'll never get bored of this piece of writing even whenever i'll be getting bored i'll just start reading this book again n again. Hats Off Insha Sahab

  6. Misty Misty says:

    Well! A beautiful Book with great lessons. Its like a some urdu text book that is taught in schools! There are stories, poems and Prose is included! A reader will certainly enjoy it hence it has humor !

    Fav Story: Woodcutter and his sons! :D

  7. Hira Sulehri Hira Sulehri says:

    a great book with humor and sarcasm that depict the social analysis and its brutal truths with great humor and sarcasm

  8. Syed Waqar Hussain Syed Waqar Hussain says:

    Short, funny but still so informative.

  9. Hania mehboob Hania mehboob says:

    Here are my immediate thoughts after finishing this book.
    There is satire, comedy, simplicity and full of uncommon sense .
    He has told the school lessons with such height of comedy that I ended up saying ارے ابن انشا کیسے لکھ لیتے ہو۔ There are textbook lessons from history (mughals and different dynasties) , personalities or heroes, lessons of grammar , mathematics. Science, famous parables, biology (animals and birds) ,and other different objects. Maybe you can teach this book in a general knowledge class but the fact remains that this is a seriously non-serious book. The only textbook students will love.

  10. Ayesha U Ayesha U says:

    Growing up this book was my prized possession. It also gave me my first taste of satire in Urdu. Pitras and Yousafi came much later.

    The precise sentences and passages are witty. A lot of the stuff mentioned in the book is relevant even today. Grab this book, if you haven't already.